13 avril 2019

City of Perth

The city of Perth is the capital city of Australia-Western, center cultura with its ballet company and state opera, who have of the central speakers. On the banks of the river Swan, all around theaters, art galleries and museums, with 1.945 million of peoples. Formerly name the River of the Swans, who is the 4e city of country. Perth is founded in 1829 for the captain James Stirling, for a long time was the seat in government and still now of Australia-Western. The mayor is Gary Stevenson (2016-2019). Before the Aborigines name the city of Perth, Boorloo. The city has of mineral resources ( golds-suns ), and of the water ressources. City active and modern. King Parc is a parc more big, even next to of Central Park, with it is trees and greenery... There is of the beatchs where you can swim and surf, of the bars for discover of good wines... The villages and streets historicals of Perth are beautiful and a see. But we can as take of the selfies with of the quokkas, but warning stay a good distance !

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Baby on board !

Lilou and me, haven't never see of kangaroo we have so decided gone a Queensland for them see. Arrivals at Perth Airport, we have taken the road for Queensland, in a beautiful check up, the sky was turquoise with his flying birds. The forest arrived but as its softness, since three hours we roll. After than the sun it would be survey, because was the morning, been was arrived at the Myella Farm Stay. Barely out of the car, a kangaroo run in front of us, far off a wilf plain of color green; and a farm domestict old type. Have not seen the rooms yet, but a visited once, have been just stunned for the beautiful of desert landscape; must-see. Good equipped we left our room for go at the meet of the kangoroos. Their was all over and not have never been as beautiful than in real. Here the of healers collected the babys kangoroos found in the pockets of their crushed moms, in Australia sadly it happens often ! We have could their given the baby bottles and see how he acts like in their environment, then the bigs kangaroos are arrived at their turn. Nourishes, loved, cared for and pampered, it is the in law at seen, for the big and small, a beautiful experience. After three days in the farm, at discover many things and enjoy this desMyella-farm-stay-australie-kangourouRésultat de recherche d'images pour "parc a kangourou sydney"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "parc a kangourou sydney"Girraween-National-Park-Kangourouert landscape, we are back at Sydney for continued our adventures !!

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Simon Baker, mentalist ?

Simon Baker, is he mentalist ? Born the 30 July 1969 ( 49 years ) at Launceston-Tasmania in Australia. At 18 years he leaveD to study the National Institute of Dramatic Art of Sydney, towards the end of the years 80, he start his career at the TV Australian.This maked it known thanks to his role of Thomas Summurs, in Hartley bright hearts. Now know with his role in the series Mentalist, of Patrick Jane, since 7 seasons.Married with Rebecca Rigg who is as wells a actress Australian, with she he had three childrens: Stella-Claude-Harrt. Other movies know, with it's participation: Ride with the devil - The devil wears Prada... He lives with all his family in a house at Malibu in California, but alsos a second home in Australia.

Interview : Hey Mr.Baker, welcome right here, thank you for your answer in advance, for to start has you already participate in national sports competitions, such as water polo and surf ?

-Hello, yes have already participate a many competitions, have a good levels, in my youth.

-Speak me of  your childrens, who are their entourages ?

-As godmothers, two of y childrens has Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, who are as of the coworkers.

-Have you just nominated 19 times, but as well said you were the best paid actor, is true ?

-Yes, 19 times and for the acteur it was in 2014, with 13 million of dollars !

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05 avril 2019

Australien Sharks

During our travel in Australia, we haves already seen a sharks in the ocean. We have discoreved only five species the more dangerous. We at have been in a frame touristic but unfortunately the sharks have been also used for leathers goods, cosmetics, alimentations and in the captivity. The sharks not been used a good knowledge because they been indispensable for ecosystem. They been in all the oceans from the world, gather in 35 famillys with 465 species. Their size varied intro 14cm (Etmopterus Résultat de recherche d'images pour "etmopterus perryi"perreyi) and 20m (Image associéewhale-requin).Résultat de recherche d'images pour "requin australie"

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03 avril 2019

Tennis in Australia

In Australia, tennis it's so popular because a " Open Australia" was create at 1905, he takes place at Melbourne in January, put into categories like big tournois "Grand Chelem". At 1905-1987, he playing at the lawn but at 1987-1988 he playings at the surface synthetic hard. Its architecture receives an big courtyard office and a roof if he raining. The current champion is Nicolas Mahut.

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